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How to close a sales job interview in 4 simple steps

Have you finally landed that interview for your dream company?  What strategy have you come up with to ensure you’ve got the best chance of landing the job?

Executing a successful sales interview is a delicate task, so preparing an effective strategy is vital! To help you with your next job interview, we have created 4 simple steps (called the 4-point close) that you can use to prove that you’re the best candidate for them. 

When you’re selling anything whether it’s a commodity or anything at all, you have to close people at the end of it.  The same goes for a sales job interview as well, so it’s really important to close the company at the end of it.  

These 4 simple steps, called a 4-point close, were developed by Adam McDougall our sales director at Sales HQ and myself, David Crawford.

When you feel like the conversation is coming to its natural conclusion and things are starting to wind down, you want to start by coming in with a close.  

1. So, the first point of a close is just to reiterate your interest in the role itself.

2. The second point is to reiterate what your skill set is and what makes you a suitable candidate for the role. This could include talking about what you’ve done previously and what makes you a good fit for them.  

3. Third point is asking the difficult questions.  The first question is, “am I a good culture fit?”  If they say no, ask them why and try to overcome the objection.  Second question is, “do you think I have the right skill set to be successful in this role?” If they say no again, try to overcome the objection as best you can. 

4. The fourth and final point which is an easy and natural conclusion, is “what are the next steps moving forward from here?”  “Do I expect to hear from the recruiter or do I expect to hear from you guys?” 

It’s that simple and it really makes so much of a difference!

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