About SalesHQ

Honest, transparent sales recruitment.

Our Story.

In early 2018, the founders of SalesHQ were feeling frustrated with traditional recruitment services, so they decided to create a better way to work.  SalesHQ was born and we haven’t looked back!

We combine the human element with an extensive network and superior understanding of our industry, to connect top sales talent with Australia’s leading companies. Increasing candidate retention rates and reducing the time it takes to hire.

Our passion is to take a new approach to sales recruitment and to think and act differently – It’s about challenging the norm, being human and totally transparent. Our purpose is to empower people, it’s what we love about what we do!

Our Values.

Our mission has remained consistent, to provide value, empower and enable others. The process, technology and service offerings have evolved over time, however our values have remained true.

Every touch point is with SalesHQ is selfless, honest and transparent. We measure our success on the impact that we can make to a business, an individual and also, the exceptional team here within SalesHQ.

About Us

Guiding Principles.

All the above is underpinned by 3 simple guiding principles which we’ve adhered to since day 1, they are;


Utilise our passion and ability to inspire, to elevate and empower others.


Build meaningful relationships that harvest tangible, mutually beneficial outcomes.


Consistently provide value to others. Never over promise but always over deliver on outcomes


If turning up to what is more than just a job every day, gaining a feeling of fulfilment, empowerment and inspiration resonates with you, read on….! If you want to just turn up, watch the clock and go home, press the back button now.

The culture is what drives the transformational outcomes within Sales HQ. We have an outcome-based environment, with a blended set of accountability metrics – not just the $$.

We empower our people to speak freely, work autonomously with self-accountability, but all the while working in collaboration with the team. No one voice in a crowd can be heard, but if we’re all speaking the same voice, we’ll have the roar to create a positive change!

We achieve as a collective, working as a team, striving toward a common vision, doing meaningful work.

We exist to drive meaningful outcomes for a clients and candidates alike, go the extra mile and challenge the status quo. 

If this resonates, please reach out and connect with us.

All our reviews.

It all started a good few years ago, when the founders of SalesHQ were tired of accepting the status quo – recruitment fundamentally was broken and required remedial steps to provide better outcomes and a simpler, more transparent process, for all parties, employers, candidates and consultants.