Tech Sales Jobs

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If you’re looking to move beyond just selling products and services and into the world of technology sales, then you’ve come to the right place.

At SalesHQ, we’re passionate about helping people find the jobs they want and building careers they love. We’re here to help you discover your potential and make it a reality.

We work with companies of all shapes and sizes—from start-ups to Fortune 500s—to help them find the best technology sales talent for their needs. We know how important it is to find the right fit for both parties: that’s why we take the time to get to know our candidates and match them with only the opportunities that are truly right for them.

So if you’re ready for a change, reach out to us today!

Tech Sales Jobs

Work with the best Tech Companies.

Finding the right technology sales career can be a challenge. At SalesHQ, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve done the research for you, and we’ll connect you with a great fit in no time.

Why? Because we know how important it is to find a job that feels right—and that’s what makes us different!

We’re here to make it easier!

We carefully listen to your needs to find opportunities that will have you working with some of the most cutting-edge technology out there, including SaaS software and other internet-based tools. You’ll be able to participate in the growth of these companies as they expand and take on new clients, so if you want to get a front-row seat for some of the most innovative tech companies today, this is the place for you!

Roles we recruit:

  • Sales Director
  • National Sales Manager
  • State Sales Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Sales Consultant
  • Sales Executive
  • Sales Development Representative
  • Inside Sales Representative
  • Account Director
  • National Account Manager
  • Account Executive

Get access to Tech jobs others won’t even hear about.

We have built strong relationships with Tech companies all over Australia, from startups to well-established Tech businesses, who work with us exclusively, so many of the jobs we work never get advertised.

We specialise in finding those opportunities and bringing them to you!

Whether you’re a junior tech sales representative, business development manager, sales manager or sales director we work on tech sales roles at all levels of seniority.

We give you access to a wide number of open tech sales positions at once, without you having to lift a finger.

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When You Work With Us, You’ll Benefit From:

Know if the grass really is greener:

Speaking to us can give you insight into job possibilities that you’d have no other way of knowing about. Access to those positions could be the difference between finding just a job versus finding the right job.

We’ll give you an honest rundown on the company culture, leadership team and other company perks or insights that could result in a job that’s a great fit for you.

Get access to multiple opportunities:

Juggling multiple job applications and staying on top of your current job isn’t easy. We constantly have an eye on the full breadth of available sales roles that could be a potential fit for you.

We regularly have multiple open positions to fill at a time enabling us to consider you for a wide number of open positions at once. Using our expertise to match you to your ideal position and company, quickly and easily.

We do the job search for you:

The job hunting process can be an overwhelming, time-consuming and nerve-wracking process of researching companies, finding open jobs, writing resumes and cover letters, and completing numerous individual job applications.

We take the time to understand your career ambitions, experience and potential to uncover job opportunities that you’ll love, so you don’t have to.

Get valuable, honest feedback:

A job search is exhausting enough when you’re doing everything right. But there’s often no way to tell if you’re nailing an interview or if your resume needs to be optimised without reaching out to friends. 

We provide you with honest, constructive resume and job interview guidance and feedback to expedite the hiring process and improve your chances of getting an offer for that dream job.

It’s Our Passion.

Our passion is to take a new approach to Tech sales recruitment and to think and act differently – It’s about challenging the norm, being human and totally transparent.

If turning up to what is more than just a sales job every day, gaining a feeling of fulfilment, empowerment and inspiration resonates with you, then get in touch with our team. We’d love to hear about your career aspirations.

Easily find the best Tech sales jobs.

We give you access to a wide number of open positions at once, without you having to lift a finger. 

Leave us your details below we’ll match you to your ideal Tech Sales Job, quickly and easily. 

All that’s left for you to do is… well, whatever you want.

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The results speak for themselves.

We pride ourselves on using our passion and ability to inspire, to elevate and empower others. 

Build meaningful relationships and consistently provide value to others. Never over promise but always over deliver on outcomes. 

Don’t just take our word for it…