Cold calling
By saleshq | 31/03/2022 | 0 Comments

10X Your Sales Calls With These Simple Steps

Cold calling is tough. Background noise, constant distractions and of course the fear factor – it can be the stuff migraines are made from.

When you think about it, the idea of jumping on the phone with a complete stranger and within a few minutes convincing them to part with their money is pretty daunting.

Fear not, we’ve got the ‘top tips’ you can use right now to take your calls from ‘frightening’ to ‘enlightening’.


Things to do that help create a positive sales call

Purchasing your product or service should be easy and enjoyable for your prospects. You make it so by answering their questions and truly hearing them when they speak to you about their issues.

Simple conversational points like this are easily overlooked, but for better quality calls, they should be the focus.


Always start with positivity.

Kicking things off on the right foot sets up the rest of the call. Always find something positive to say right from the beginning. If you’ve researched your prospect you can use things like a recent new client win, promotion etc. otherwise, plans for the weekend, great weather – you get the idea.


Set the agenda early.

Don’t waste their time. Get straight to the point of why you’re calling and keep it light. Focus on who you are, what you do and why you want to understand more about their business.


Stand up.

By standing up, you are automatically more alert and energised – this comes across on the call and can help inject more positive energy into the conversation. If you feel excited to speak with your prospect, chances are they’ll feel happier to talk to you.


Be an advisor not a seller.

By learning about your prospects and getting to know them as people, you’re laying a foundation of trust and respect. 


Analyse your best calls

By analysing your calls you can quickly identify areas for improvement. Set aside some time just to think about what went well? What went poorly? What can you repeat to help create a more positive experience for your next prospect? 

Focus on what “felt good” and then think about how you can replicate these great conversations. 


Get comfortable with failure

Let’s be frank. When it comes to rejection the statistics aren’t in your favour. It’s going to happen A LOT.  It’s only human to take rejections personally.

Naturally, it’s hard to stay positive when calls go badly, especially if your prospects were just plain rude or hung up on you. Don’t keep it bottled up! It will make you feel much better to talk to some about it. 

Pro tip: Take a time-out. Go for a walk, grab a coffee, focus on something else. Making calls when you are not in a positive state of mind is not going to get you anywhere.


Be flexible

Getting them on the phone is hard enough, but now you’re there don’t blow the opportunity by rigidly trying to stick to a script. Remember, you’ve called them out of the blue. They may want to control the conversation, that’s ok. Don’t be disheartened—your goal isn’t to robotically follow a script, but rather to help the customer. You’re far better off talking to them on their terms, you may also find out more about their needs.


Practice active listening

Whilst there are times when having your objection handling quip at the tip of your tongue – ready to turn them around – wait for them to finish making their point and then decide the best way to respond.

Not only is this just good manners, but you’ll get further with your prospect by being an empathetic and engaged listener.


Know your product

This might seem obvious but you’d be surprised how many salespeople miss opportunities to properly address a prospects issues because they don’t know their product. Really knowing your product positions you as a trusted resource and helps build confidence with your prospect.