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At Sales HQ we believe in ensuring that every step of the hiring process is as streamlined and effective as possible.  We have implemented a number of service offerings to assist our clients and candidates on their recruitment journey.

Want to build your business now but concerned about the up front cost?

Recruit now, Pay Later with Talent Pay.

We believe in flexibility and this doesn’t stop with our payment options.

Take away the up front traditional cost of one large payment with our tailored payment solution -Talent Pay. Talent pay allows you to customise your payment instalments over a 3 – 6 month period  which gives you back control to spend on things important to your business growth in the meantime.

Talk to one of our consultants today about Talent Pay.     

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Recruitment, reimagined..

Bringing the resume to life and allowing you as the hiring manager to make informed decisions across a number of different data points, before even meeting with the candidate.

You’re provided with a unique portal, specific and branded to your business with no plugins or downloads required. Multiple users / stakeholders in the hiring process can access this and provide commentary in your forum.

You receive a one-click, co-branded portal with your candidate videos and CVs in one place. You have the ability to provide feedback via our comment function.

Recruiters and hiring managers can all review and communicate with each other using the shortlist comment feature. This becomes a true extension of your team, allowing our professional recruitment experts to work in perfect synergy with you and your hiring managers.

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