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Sales can be as rewarding as it is challenging. Don’t let poor company culture, budgets with moving goal posts, lacklustre leadership or inadequate sales support stifle your ambitions. 

There is another way!

Job Seeker Care done differently.

We understand looking for a new job can be daunting and exhausting, especially if your work environment is already stressful.
Thats why we put your interests first. Tired of the status-quo and feeling equally frustrated with traditional recruitment services, SalesHQ decided to create a better way to work. 

By simply being human, having selfless, honest and candid conversations with a simpler, more transparent process we use our extensive network and superior understanding of the industry, to go the extra mile to connect you with Australia’s leading companies.

Taking the first step isn’t easy but having an impartial, confidential discussion about your career possibilities could at the very least provide a change of perspective and might even be the start of an exciting new career journey.

Not getting the recognition or support you deserve?

We know great sales people just want to sell and feel inspired, empowered and supported to do so. 

Being bogged down with admin or clunky CRMs, zero administrative or marketing support and little in the way of instruction, training or coaching from business leaders can cannibalize your commission cheque.

Sales HQ can help you discover a rewarding and empowering career. Our purpose is to empower people, it’s what we love about what we do!

It’s what we do .

We know how Green The Grass is.

We often work to fill positions that aren’t entirely public yet. Speaking to us can give you insight into job possibilities that you’d have no other way of knowing about. Access to those positions could be the difference between finding just a job versus finding the right job. We’ll give you an honest rundown on the company culture, leadership team and other company perks or insights that could result in job thats a great fit for you.

We do the job search for you.

The job hunting process can be an overwhelming, time-consuming and nerve-wracking process of researching companies, finding open jobs, writing resumes and cover letters, and completing numerous individual job applications.

We take the time to understand your career ambitions, experience and potential to uncover job opportunities that you’ll love, so you don’t have to.

Access to multiple Opportunities.

Juggling multiple job applications and staying on top of your current job isn’t easy. We constantly have an eye on the full breadth of available sales roles that could be a potential fit for you.  

We regularly have multiple open positions to fill at a time enabling us to consider you for a wide number of open positions at once. Using our expertise to match you to your ideal position and company, quickly and easily.

Get Valuable, Honest Feedback.

A job search is exhausting enough when you’re doing everything right. But there’s often no way to tell if you’re nailing an interview or if your resume needs to be optimised without reaching out to friends. 

We provide you with honest, constructive resume and job interview guidance and feedback to expedite the hiring process and improve your chances of getting an offer for that dream job.

Better Matches to Better Jobs & Companies.

Insights into a position, as well as a company’s culture, values, and expectations, may not always be available via job boards or when applying directly with companies. We put a great deal of effort into understanding both sides of a hire, since it is in everyone’s best interests that we create a good match between you and the company. Putting you in a position to succeed benefits everyone and helps ensure the next job you land is the best one.

It's Our Passion.

Our passion is to take a new approach to sales recruitment and to think and act differently – It’s about challenging the norm, being human and totally transparent.

If turning up to what is more than just a job every day, gaining a feeling of fulfilment, empowerment and inspiration resonates with you, then get in touch with our team. We’d love to hear about your career aspirations.

Office full of Frenemies?

Leadership constantly changing? Managers playing favourites and promoting friends instead of those who can do the jobs well?

Toxic workplace environments can be crushing. Inconsistent management, office politics and a lack of empathy or career opportunities can turn that dream job into a nightmare.

At SalesHQ we understand the importance of a positive workplace culture. One where people are empowered to speak freely, work autonomously with self-accountability, but all the while working in collaboration with the team. 

We exist to drive meaningful outcomes for candidates and clients alike by helping match your passion to leading companies that will support it. 

If the thought of starting work is filled with anxiety instead of ambition, talk to one our team. We regularly have multiple openings that could be an ideal match. We’d love to help you land that dream job. 

The results speak for themselves.

We pride ourselves on using our passion and ability to inspire, to elevate and empower others. 

Build meaningful relationships and Consistently provide value to others. Never over promise but always over deliver on outcomes. 

Don’t just take our word for it…

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